About Me

An obsessed digital content creator

My name is François Barbaglia, a young freelance digital content creator, striving to create impactful content since I started on my own in 2016.

I was born in 1996 in Geneva, and since very young developed a big attraction for creativity. My mother bought me a Nikon for my 10th birthday, and so began my path as a photographer / videographer.

I have a lot of gear for content creation, namely various lenses for different opportunities, various accessories for my professional camera, a gimbal, a GoPro allowing me to capture action shots, and of course a drone able to capture 4K videos and very high resolution pictures.

My goal is creating impactful content when creating for myself, delivering a message for the most of my creations. I use a lot of Adobe’s Creative Suite apps to ensure an incomparable level of quality throughout all my works.

I am always obsessed with digital content creation, it is truly my passion. Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, no social media has any secrets for me: I constantly learn from other creator, getting to know what’s changing in the industry and what styles apply for which location. Being very aware of what others are doing in this sector is extremely important, because it indicates what the public wants to see, and how the definition of appealing evolves through times.

Let’s get in touch and let’s work together! You will get to know me and my very open-minded perspective, with only one goal in mind: trying to create content that will please you in every way possible.